Since its inception, Horizon Management Services (HRZ) has established itself to be a reputable and uprising firm. It is a mission critical setup, with the objective to become a reputable player regionally.

With corporate linkages from our regional network, Horizon Management Services (HRZ) aims to diversify its practices, ensuring both timely and accurate performances are delivered.

Founded in 2005, Horizon Management Services (HRZ) has established a rich success among overseas and Singapore organizations in the placement of manpower recruitment, leveraging resources regionally in diverse industry focus. Today, Horizon Management Services (HRZ) is a dynamic regional player with extensive associate partners to provide industry-specific HR solutions. The HRZ's network enables rapid identification of optimal resources, which are in turn delivered to our Clients with maximum efficiency, lowest risk, and at effective cost-performance ratios. At HRZ, our business model is entirely around the ability to satisfy the needs of our Clients by providing high selection quality of Candidates and excellent post employment support through the application of specialist recruitment know-how.

Horizon Management Services (HRZ) comprises of a team of professional Consultants who are ready to deliver. Commanding great experience and foundation in the respective field industries, the team listens intently to the Clients' challenges and Candidates' career aspirations.

Our Consultants are a highly proficient and confident team, with former background and exposure in the different industry fields. Equipped with prior intensive training, our people compounded with operational excellence, comprehensive knowledge and best practices designed to suit the needs of our Clients and Candidates for manpower recruitment services.

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