The discovery of resources is only the first step in HRZ's scope of services. The alignments of recruited resources to customers' business or operational environments are also key considerations. HRZ has responded to the increased demand for synergies between resources and process considerations with strong offerings that combine recruitment and outsourcing. HRZ's comprehensive approach allows for:
  • Value capture through volume leverage
  • Ability to focus on strategic functions
  • Ease of recruitment through a holistic service with comprehensive processes and tools 
  • Detailed, consolidated management information/process and infrastructure standardization 
In order to maximize the benefits of an one stop recruitment solution mode, HRZ utilizes a comprehensive approach that entails best practices of both regional recruiting and outsourcing. Each phase in the recruitment solution deployment model goes through rigorous project management and quality control procedures.


Our mission is to provide optimal advice for both our Clients and Candidates, enabling them to progress forward with our quality-enhanced services.

Horizon Management Services (HRZ) has raised a platform for Clients/Candidates with the relevant and appropriate industry focused searches, as we strive to foster a partnership. By registering the requirement/resumes with us, we are able to dedicate streamlined consultation services, where we can partner our moves to achieving your recruitment/career aspirations.

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